Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is The World of Silence available?
A: The World of Silence by Max Picard, an Eighth Day Press reprint, is currently in stock and available.  You may order online or simply give us a call at 800.841.2541.

Q: Is Eighth Day Books located in Clifton Square?
A: The store was in Clifton Square until 2003. We're now in a 1920 house located two blocks west of Hillside, at the corner of Erie and Douglas, about a mile from our original location.

Q: What is the meaning of the eighth day?
A: The number eight was, for ancient Christianity, the
symbol of the Resurrection, for it was on the day
after the Sabbath, and so the eighth day, that Christ
rose from the tomb. Furthermore, the seven days of
the week are the image of the time of this world, and
the eighth day of life everlasting. Sunday is the liturgical
commemoration of the eighth day, at the same
time a memorial of the Resurrection and a prophecy
of the world to come...
                               J. Danielou, The Bible and the Liturgy

An eighth and eternal day, consecrated by the
Resurrection of Christ...There we shall rest and see,
see and love, love and praise.
                         St. Augustine,
City of God Bk 22, Ch. 30.
This, then, is the way in which we interpret the
Eighth Day...namely that when the time that is measured
in weeks comes to an end, an Eighth Day will
come into being...It will remain one day continually,
never to be divided by the darkness of night. Another
sun will bring it into being, radiating the true
light; embracing all things in its luminous power, it
will produce light continually and will make those
who share in that light into other suns.
                                                   St. Gregory of Nyssa,

                                        Commentary on the Sixth Psalm