The Rublev Trinity: The Icon of the Trinity by the Monk-painter Andrei Rublev


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Among the most instantly recognizable images of Eastern Christianity is the icon of the Holy Trinity by the hand of St. Andrei Rublev. Its transcendent and enduring quality appeals across the centuries to peasant and scholar alike. This great work of ecclesial art has generated innumerable cultural, religious, and philosophical studies, and caused St. Pavel Florensky to declare, 'There exists the icon of the Trinity by St. Andrei Rublev; therefore, God exists.' Among these many studies, we offer one by Benedictine hermit and contemplative Gabriel Bunge, who authored that extraordinary guide to prayer, Earthen Vessels. Fr. Bunge gently brings us face to face with the Rublev Trinity and hands us the tools to understand its message. To do this, he attempts to translate the language of image into the simpler language of words. Beginning with the iconographic tradition generally and the Russian tradition specifically, with full-color illustrations, the book's (and the Icon's) ultimate message is that Pentecost is an ongoing experience: the Church caught up into the life of the Triune God. 120 pp.

Title:: The Rublev Trinity: The Icon of the Trinity by the Monk-painter Andrei Rublev


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Location Published:: St Vladimirs Seminary Press: February 2007

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