Global Good News : Mission in a Postmodern Age


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The authors of this volume recognize the legitimate critique that postmodernism brings to the discussion of global missions. They know that Christians have too often undermined the universality of the gospel by grounding it in modern understanding of self-evident, universal truths of reason. As modernity's house of cards has fallen, therefore, the uniqueness and global relevance of Christ unfortunately have at times appeared to be merely two more discredited Western concepts. The early preaching of the gospel both employed and transformed premodern ways of thinking; it can likewise be both comfortable with, yet challenging to, postmodernism. One prominent example is religious pluralism and global mission. A postmodern perspective insists that all religious perspectives are true, except those that lay claim to ultimate truth.

Contributors to this volume are a "who's who" in Protestant missiology today. Their work is timely in its attention to questions of modernism and postmodernism, providing a new context in which to understand global missions today. Readers are offered an honest assessment of Christian mission in the past and the present. This book will helps readers understand how the mission to take the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world can be meaningful. It will assist pastors and church bodies in planning for the ongoing proclamation of the gospel.

Title:: Global Good News : Mission in a Postmodern Age


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Publisher: Abingdon Pr: May 2001

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Book Condition:: New

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