The Existence of God (Clarendon Paperbacks)


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This book, the second in Swinburne's acclaimed trilogy on the philosophy of religion, examines the most important arguments for and against the existence of God--including the cosmological argument and arguments from design, consciousness and moral awareness, and miracles and religious experience. This revised includes two new appendices. In the first, Swinburne replies to criticisms of his arguments made by J.L. Mackie in this The Miracle of Theism and in the second, he assesses the evidential force of recent scientific discoveries of the extent to which the universe is "fine-tuned" to the production of animals and humankind.

Title:: The Existence of God (Clarendon Paperbacks)


Categories: Theology,

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA: May 1991

ISBN Number:: 0198239637

ISBN Number: 13: 9780198239635

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Book Condition:: New

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