And You Welcomed Me : A Sourcebook on Hospitality in Early Christianity


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Separated from its moral and spiritual landscape, the concept (not to mention embodiment) of hospitality has lost much of its potency and nuance. Interestingly, the word itself -- in Greek, Latin, French and Italian -- means both host and guest, implying a readiness on our part to welcome, as well as enter, another's world. Such readiness demands courage and vulnerability -- ''moral nerve'' as Ms. Oden puts it -- by which we relinquish our right to ourselves and participate in the life of another, shifting our frame of reference to Christ. Church history professor Amy Oden has collected this omnibus of sources from letters, diaries, sermons, travelogues and community rules to help us recover not only a personal sacramentality toward life, but also a broader orientation within the Christian tradition; a spirituality embedded within the oikos, or household of God. These excerpts present not only a theology of hospitality but also a journal chronicling the way it was lived by those in the earliest Christian centuries. As the editor quietly proclaims, ''Even as I listen to these voices, I dwell with them.'' Seems to us that's where hospitality begins, and endures. 316 pp.

An Eighth Day View:

This volume provides an anthology of about 40 primary source documents that describe the work of religious communities that took care of pilgrims and the sick in the late antique and early medieval world. The project identifies letters, diary accounts, instructions, sermons, travelogues, and community records and rules that give us a window into a world of early communities that saw it as their duty and their privilege to care for the sick, to safeguard the pilgrim, and to host the stranger. Each document is placed in historical, geographical, and social context as it contributes to an emerging picture of these communities. The volume addresses the motivations and practices of communities that risked extending hospitality. Why did these communities take great risks for the socially vulnerable? What stake did they have in pilgrims and the sick? What communal experiences supported and sustained both the communities and their audiences? How was hospitality cultivated?

Title:: And You Welcomed Me : A Sourcebook on Hospitality in Early Christianity

Author:: ODEN, AMY G.

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Publisher: Abingdon Pr: January 2002

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