Evagrius Ponticus: Ad Monachos (Ancient Christian Writers 59)


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This addition to the Ancient Christian Writers Series, Ad Monachos (ca. 390 A.D.) stands beside the Praktikos as the most well-known of Evagrius' works. It consists of 137 short proverbs whose alternately enigmatic and mundane surfaces belie an underlying connection with Evagrius' rich system of Biblical interpretation. The translator of this volume has made an original contribution in discovering why each of the proverbs was placed as it was within the entire sequence. 398 pp.

An Eighth Day View:

First-time translation of an ancient text Jeremy Driscoll makes available for the first time in English the text known as Ad Monachos, by Evagrius Ponticus (345-399), who was among the first of the desert fathers to articulate in writing the wisdom of the monastic movement. The text is a collection of 137 proverbs composed in a style that imitates the proverbs of biblical Wisdom literature. Besides offering the Greek text and an English translation, Driscoll examines its structure and style, and offers commentary on different proverbs.

Title:: Evagrius Ponticus: Ad Monachos (Ancient Christian Writers 59)


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Publisher: Paulist Press: September 2003

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