Cyril and Methodius of Thessalonica: The Acculturation of the Slavs


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Two simultaneous developments in the late ninth century - the end of the iconoclast controversy within Byzantium and the organization of marauding Slavic tribes into recognizable states - set the stage for one of the greatest missionary efforts in the history of Christianity. Two young Byzantines from Thessaloniki transmitted to the Slavic peoples not only an alphabet that would enable them to hear the gospel, but also the spirituality and essential cultural heritage of their Greek empire, reshaping and transforming for all time the identity of Eastern Europe and Russia. This book, by a Slavic ecclesiastical expert from Thessaloniki, offers us an accessible look at the remarkable achievements of two saints revered in both East and West.

An Eighth Day View:

At the height of the ninth century, two Greek missionary brothers wrought far-reaching changes upon European life through their work among the Slavs. Embarking upon a career in the service of Church and State, they undertook a program of acculturation in the Crimea and in the process created an alphabet for the Slavs. In presenting the written word to the Slavic people, they laid the foundation for the ecclesiastical and spiritual traditions of the Orthodox Church to travel North. Includes maps and over fifty black and white illustrations.

Title:: Cyril and Methodius of Thessalonica: The Acculturation of the Slavs


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Publisher: St. Vladimirs Seminary Press: April 2001

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