Creatures of the Night

By: Camilla Bedoyere

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A spectacular collection of animals who are at home in the dark.

Creatures of the Night features more than a dozen extraordinary animals that live in the dark. These are mammals, birds, insects and spiders whose unique physical features help them to survive in the pitch-black darkness of jungles, fields and in the air.

The animals featured include:

  • Aye-aye -- A lifetime spent in rain forest trees where they curl up to sleep during the day
  • Common Glow-worm -- Bioluminescent beetle that doesn't look like a beetle
  • Fungi -- More closely related to animals than plants, fungi "expand" (rather than grow) over a damp night
  • Kinkajou -- Night-roaming cousin of raccoons
  • Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula -- Hunts at night, capturing insects, frogs, lizards and mice
  • Net-casting spider -- A huge pair of forward-facing eyes help it to see at night
  • Railroad worm -- The only animal that is naturally bioluminescent in the red spectrum
  • Vampire bat -- Day-sleepers that hunt during the darkest part of the night.

Intricately drawn artworks give accurate details of each animal's anatomy and behavior, and stunning photographs show how each animal hunts.

Title:: Creatures of the Night

Author:: Camilla Bedoyere

Categories: Science & Sports,

Publisher: Firefly Books: September 2014

ISBN Number:: 1770854592

ISBN Number: 13: 9781770854598

Binding:: Paper Back

Book Condition:: New

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