What is Unique about Orthodox Culture?


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Of what good is Orthodox culture to the world? Archimandrite Vasileios, described by Kallistos Ware as the pioneer of the revival and renewal of monastic life on the Holy Mountain, writes ''We should like to communicate this to you, because the whole of this place and manner of life belongs to everyone.'' The monastery is a microcosm of the world. Each monk is a different person with a different name and a different calling. Within the liturgical community every man fits, finds his place and is accepted by all. Vasileios makes clear this equality is not a leveling (which he describes as a disaster and an unnatural process) but a means of each person finding his own rhythm and delighting in his own life. It's all rather idyllic until he gets to talking about humility: ''The aim of virtue within the Church is to lead man to humilityawe start from freedom, from our own impulsiveness. But our own freedom is not sufficient for us, it is not enough.'' If man submits, even free will is taken away from him, so that he is ''led by the Spirit who has neither beginning nor end.'' In simple speech profound with the stillness of wisdom (one can feel the hesychasm in Vasileios's words), this very small volume resounds with a message that could have only been born in prayer: ''This is something great, and in order to achieve it, it is worth taking a risk, going through difficult vicissitudes, sacrificing everything, losing it, losing ourselves. Provided only that we find this. 'Whoever shall loseathe same shall save.''' (Luke 9:24).

Title:: What is Unique about Orthodox Culture?


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